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Hi and welcome to our blog on Youth and Popular Culture.

My name is Julie Lowrey, and I live in Far North Queensland.  I am studying my Masters of Education (Teacher-Librarian) degree at Queensland University of Technology.  For the past 5 years I have been at home with my youngest child, and decided to study when he was one year old.  I also do supply teaching at the local Catholic Secondary school when it is possible.

Previous to this, I have taught in a number of secondary schools in Cairns, London and Brisbane.  I usually teach in the humanities area, but decided sometime ago that I would like to do something else in the area of education.  The position of teacher-librarian appeals to me because it offers me the opportunity to support others, which I think I would enjoy.  I’m particularly interested in the role that ICTs play in education and am looking forward to assisting teachers in their use.  Many teachers in the school that I work at have had to come to grips with technology in the past few years.  While many are active and confident in their use, there are those teachers who have been in teaching for a long while, but for a number of reasons, are limited in their use of technology.  Earlier this year every student in the school received a laptop thanks to the assistance of the Australian government, so now more than ever, teachers need support.

Within this unit I have learned a lot about youth, and the culture they live in.  Much of it I am familiar with because I have an adolescent in my household.  However, I must admit I have not given a lot of thought to what is important to him and his peers.  This unit has highlighted the influences in their life, the impact it can have on them and the implications for education.  I’ve been particularly interested in the digital divide, the idea of convergence, the influence of commercialisation, censorship,  mobile media and the inclusion of popular culture in the curriculum.

This blog will highlight some of the areas covered in this unit, and hopefully give you an insight into the world of youth and popular culture. Enjoy!

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  2. nice intro! I like the way you personalise the page then foray into the youth and their culture. It must be convenient to have an adolescent around as I do not have one very handy. The course has been a real challenge in discovering all the tools available to our youth.

  3. Hi Julie. I like the ‘voiced’ introduction, thanks. It’s interesting that you mention that secondary teachers in particular may not be that familiar with research about young people and popular culture. As you can see from some of the unit readings, it plays an important role in the lives of many adolescents and so it’s certainly worth teachers of all ages becoming familiar with how their students are engaging with popular media cultures.

    • I could not agree more. Unfortunately, I think teachers in general, are kept so busy with school work and their family/personal lives that they just don’t get time to reflect on what is going on around them. This Masters degree has really highlighted to me the importance of ‘quality’ in-servicing.

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